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You’re invited to join CloudM Activate, an exclusive program for a select few of our most valued clients.

The CloudM Activate Program gives you access to the CloudM core platform completely free of charge for six months, so you can make the most of its proprietary features and tools. These include user management, onboarding and offboarding workflows, SaaS license management and more, so you can run your business on autopilot, at no additional cost.

Join the CloudM Activate program now and you could benefit from free access to the CloudM platform from today. Register for the program below and we’ll be in touch to get you started.

How does your CloudM Activate membership benefit your business?

1. Automate your systems

Our cloud management solution puts Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 - the choice is yours - at the heart of your organization, allowing you to tackle the big challenges instead of getting bogged down in systems admin. The more your systems can do for you, the more you can focus on growing your business.

2. Onboarding and Offboarding

Our effortless onboarding workflows automate the addition of new users, taking care of everything from email signatures to file permissions. From company policy and culture training, to team introductions and job benefits, everything is automated, making a new-starter’s first day as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Our advanced offboarding workflow not only removes users from your systems and revokes their permissions, but allows you to archive data into secure indexed storage, so if you ever need it again, it’s there and easy to find - but only for you.

3. SaaS license management

Our award-winning platform allows you to save money, time, and licenses by connecting all of your products in one single place. We offer a variety of options to give you inbound, outbound, and two-way connections to your SaaS applications.

As a cloud-based technology business, with a SaaS data management offering at the heart of our solutions, cyber security is part of our DNA. Our success in the industry is directly linked to our ability to keep our clients’ data safe and secure.

4. Bonus Extra Feature!

As a special bonus for this free trial, we’re also giving you access to our email signature management tool.

CloudM’s fully customizable email signature management solution allows you to include things like contact details, images, social media links, and department name for your employee’s email signatures.

It’s simple to configure, works across desktop and mobile, and easily integrates with CloudM Smart Teams to automatically allocate signatures for joiners, movers and leavers.

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