Africaid-Zvandiri and CloudM

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Customer Story

The Organization

Africaid is a community based organization in Zimbabwe which, through its Zvandiri program, seeks to ensure that children, adolescents and young people living with HIV have the knowledge, skills and confidence to live happy, healthy, safe, fulfilled lives.

The organization started in 2004 when a group of HIV positive children in Harare wanted to establish a support group where they could share experiences and develop skills for growing up with HIV. Over the last 13 years, the Zvandiri program has evolved from this single support group for six adolescents in to a comprehensive model of differentiated services for over 50,000.

CloudM had a chat with Mark Willis, the technical architect from Africaid, to see how using CloudM impacted the operations within this charity for the better.


The Project

The migration had to be completed within a short time frame of under six weeks, from start to finish. In this time, Africaid had over 100 users and over 1TB data to move to Microsoft 365.

The organization has grown its number of users rapidly, and has been a cloud adopter since 2008. CloudM's competitive pricing, ease of use and its OneDrive migration capability and support made it the perfect solution. Because of its charity status, Africaid were also able to benefit from our charity discounted pricing.


The Process

Once CloudM was configured, Africaid described their experience of using the product as reliable and efficient. CloudM's built-in success reporting allowed Africaid to see exactly what has happened to every item before the final cut-over, giving them peace of mind that no data and items were missed during the migration.

The charity added that the account manager for the project was helpful and forthcoming with information about the migration process. Africaid recounted the relationship between themselves and the account manager as being positive, with assistance always being available before, during and after the migration.

The Result

“The service and support we received from CloudM was excellent and being able to take advantage of non-profit pricing helped make this toolset affordable for our NGO in Zimbabwe. CloudM Migrate proved very reliable throughout our project, helping us complete the migration to our new Microsoft Office 365 tenant with minimal disruption. This allowed Africaid to provide uninterrupted provision of care to children and adolescents affected by HIV/AIDS across Zimbabwe during this significant period of change.”

- Mark Willis, Technical Architect

Africaid-Zvandiri have enjoyed working with CloudM Migrate from start to finish. The CloudM team were only too happy to assist them in their endeavours to continue working with children diagnosed with HIV and ensuring they live their lives to the full. Pleased that their migration was a success, CloudM and Africaid-Zvandiri look forward to working together again in the future.

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