Village Hotels

CloudM Checks Into Village Hotels To Assist With Offboarding

The Company

Village Hotels are an exciting hotel group offering more than your standard nights’ stay. Carving out a niche in lifestyle, the brand has a focus on delivering an excellent, luxury and forward-thinking service to the modern traveller and professional.

Village hotels

The Project

With over thirty locations, Village Hotels has around 2500 users to manage within its domain. The company, due to the hospitality sector’s high turnover rate, was facing issues with onboarding and offboarding users, and were also looking for an efficient and easy management platform for their data.

Prior to using CloudM's management platform, Village Hotels were using the manual tool on Google to transfer documents between users. Due to the scale of their employee pool, this took up valuable time and wasn’t an efficient solution to managing their data. They needed an affordable and automated management solution to seamlessly manage their users so they could give even more energy to delivering a luxury service to their guests.

The Process

Village Hotels were referred to us through our sister company and partner, CTS. After seeing how CloudM would work for them in product demonstrations, they were impressed by the versatility of our platform and the 360 approach to digital workplace management. From migration and onboarding and offboarding, through to management and archiving, we had what they were looking for.

Village Hotels

The Result

Since they signed up in 2019, Village Hotels has been a valued customer at CloudM. After using our onboarding, offboarding and management platform to save themselves time and money, they later became particularly interested in our recent Archive solution, which they noted was “really easy to set up”. With even more features to explore included in their subscription, they will also soon start using our email signature management tool, creating a clean, automated and consistent branding solution to all their email correspondence.

We always like to stay connected to our customers, and Village Hotels is no exception. As well as our regular updates, they also receive tailored demonstrations of our platform to keep in the know as we develop new features and evolve old ones. Our Customer Success Management Team is always on hand to ensure they are getting as much value from our platform as possible, as well as to relay their important feedback to our enthusiastic and eager Product team.

It’s through feedback from customers like Village Hotels that we are continually developing new updates and features for our platform to ensure that we can provide a versatile platform, suitable for any workplace in need of management, migration and archiving.

Village Hotels Interior

“The team at CloudM are communicative and supportive. The regular product demonstrations help us to stay up to date with new features and exciting updates to the platform. We feel listened to and valued as customers, and our feedback has gone on to help develop the software.” Dan Morley, Head of I.T Infrastructure and Service Delivery

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