The Company

Megazone Corp is a leader in the creative digital experience space, specializing in interactive marketing and interactive agency in Korea. Founded in 1998, they have developed hundreds of sites, countless rich media ads and applications across various digital platforms for over 300 clients in Korea and globally. The specialized experience in digital space, and its cross media expertise, helps to support their clients achieve fine digital experience that leads to meaningful business results.

CloudM caught up with Wonyou Kim, the Presales Manager at Megazone Corp to talk about his latest migrations to G Suite using CloudM Migrate.


The Project

Megazone undertake many client projects of many sizes, some as small as 10-20 users, and others spanning over 1,000 users. Wonyou mentioned that CloudM Migrate was the easiest and the only way for G Suite to G Suite migrations, which they performed most regularly for their clients. In addition to this, other Google partners recommended CloudM Migrate for other migration cases, including Exchange to G Suite. Ultimately, he described it as the only “seamless” solution for migrating into G Suite.


The Process

The goal of each Megazone migration project is simple: to migrate all client email and files as expected, as quickly as possible and with minimal disruption to users. And that’s exactly what CloudM Migrate has delivered to, and keeps delivering to Megazone Corp. For nearly 1000 users with 1TB+ of data, it took less than two weeks in total for the actual migration to complete. Of course this was to the benefit of Megazone Corp who were able to complete their clients’ migration ahead of schedule, and gain their customers’ praise and satisfaction.


The Result

Wonyou was pleased with the end result, with himself and his customers very satisfied, especially that working life went ahead as usual, even during migration process - with no user downtime.

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