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Rocket Fuel Inc incorporates Smart Groups


The Company

Rocket Fuel is a full Programmatic Marketing Platform. Deviating from the traditional 1:1 style of marketing, they look to the future by predicting trends and applying those through the use of AI and big data. This methodology has given birth to their patented ‘Moment Scoring’ technology, something which allows them to create company-specific campaigns as well as saving your ‘marketing dollars’. We spoke to Senior Systems Architect at Rocket Fuel Inc, Tom Hardin, about their deployment.


The Project

Such commitment to innovative technology meant that Rocket Fuel Inc. – already a G Suite user – was a perfect fit for a product like CloudM Manage. Having always been a Cloud-only company, they’re essentially a mobile workforce so having immediate access to data is paramount: a necessity similarly championed by CloudM Manage and G Suite alike.

However, they were experiencing an issue: user provisioning. Group membership within the company required an additional person to manage their back-end, which meant needless time wasted as they struggled to keep memberships in their core groups accurate. Simply put - their processes were not in keeping with the organization’s forward-thinking ethos.


The Process

As Hardin put it, “People move around, and IT is not always told in a timely fashion”. So how to solve this? Smart Groups: the dynamic CloudM Manage feature which allows for automated user provisioning. Seemingly tailor-made for their needs, Smart Groups meant that membership was updated when the user’s data was edited within the workday, with no need for human involvement.


The Result

Ultimately Rocket Fuel Inc. deployed CloudM Manage with 1,200 users and 25+ groups within the organization. As Hardin stated, “roll-out was simple” with no challenges faced between the partnership of the two companies.

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