Migrating Salsify to Google Workspace seamlessly and quickly, without any loss of data or downtime.

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Customer Story


The Company

Salsify is a Massachusetts-based product content management (PCM) platform provider for distributed commerce. Many of the world’s biggest brands and retailers, including Mondelez, Bosch, Coca Cola, Rawlings, and Fruit of the Loom are using Salsify every day to stand out on the digital shelf.


The Project

Salsify have created a culture of collaboration, where no one has an office. Instead, teams sit and collaborate together whether that’s in the kitchen or at their desks. Products like Google Workspace for email and calendar, and Box for sharing files have helped Salsify grow from its early days of just 5 people to now well over 100 employees.

Unfortunately with this growth Salsify began to notice that new hires were having a harder time coming up to speed. The team at Salsify are big believers in empowering everyone in the company with the best tools for every job, but if these tools impact ramp-up and knowledge sharing, they might not be the right tools anymore.


The Process

After an internal review, Salsify realized that over 90% of their Box users were members of a single large, shared folder that was being shared with everyone on their first day. At the same time Google announced Shared Drives and it felt like a perfect fit for the bulk of their users. The team at Salsify were extremely excited by the possibilities of Shared Drives, but unfortunately all of that excitement hit a wall when they initially tried to migrate themselves from Box to Google Shared Drives and quickly ran into limits with what could be uploaded.

Luckily, Salsify found CloudM, whose expert team managed the whole migration of nearly 200GB of data seamlessly and quickly, without any loss of data or downtime.

“From the first conversations, it was clear the team understood the challenges we were running into and had the knowledge of Shared Drives to take ownership of our migration.”

“For a growing company with no real IT organization, simple and fast was what we were looking for and CloudM came through on this. We have now rolled out Shared Drives to the full company!”

- Jeremy Redburn, Co-founder and VP of Product


The Result

Now that Salsify are using Shared Drives on a daily basis, they are excited by the potential of what Shared Drive can deliver for their small teams to self-form and create Drives for their specific needs.

The CloudM migration team worked closely with Google following the announcement of Shared Drives. Support was added to CloudM for migrations from all supported file based platforms, enabling their customers to move quickly and easily to Shared Drives and all with zero downtime.

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