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Why stop with Email Signature Management.
Automate your IT admin using CloudM

Whilst the features of CloudM's Email Signature Management tools are comparable to those of Exclaimer, why stop there when it comes to automating your IT administration. Enable your IT teams to become more productive by using CloudM to automating the joiners, movers and leavers process, set up smart teams for centralized management and configure custom workflows for automated onboarding and offboarding policies. Everything you need to manage your domain efficiently. IT admin just got a whole lot easier with CloudM.

Email Signature Management Features

Gmail Signature (Client Side)
Outlook Signature (Client Side)
No need to route through a 3rd party server
SMTP signature (Server-Side)
Automation via Smart Teams
Organizational unit application
Comprehensive Guides
Live-user previews
Custom Fields
Hide Missing Fields
Replace missing fields (custom logic)
Email-optimized template designs
Dummy-user previews
Source code editing
Save custom templates

More Reasons To Choose CloudM

Manage your full productivity suite

Promote collaboration through a smart contact directory

Automated User Lifecycle Management
Manage your Joiners, Movers & Leavers efficiently and effectively
Automatically allocate file, mail calendar and contact access for new starters

Automatically restrict file, mail, calendar and contact access for leavers

Save time by easily configuring custom offboarding workflows

Allocate users organizational units to allow for centralized dynamic changes

Tailored reports to monitor and manage your domain

What You Can Manage

Find out more about CloudM's automation features

Custom Smart Teams

Group people by department, team or even project and apply dynamic automation from a centralized platform.

Global Contact Directory

Promote workplace collaboration with our powerful people finder to better connect with your stakeholders.

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