CloudM Manage Sales Incentive Terms & Conditions

Partner Incentive: Terms and Conditions

Incentive #1

$1000 cash, if pipeline exceeds $100,000 of new CloudManager pipeline including multi year deals generated during the Qualifying Period. An example here could be a 1 year contract for $100,000 or a 3 year contract of $34,000 per annum).

The customer opportunity must be registered and a joint meeting / Hangout have taken place with a key stakeholder.

Any qualified bonus will be paid in the month following the qualifying period.

Incentive #2

($5000 cash, if sales exceed $100,000 of orders including multi year deals).

Purchase Order must be signed and submitted to Cloud Technology Solutions before 31 December 2018. Accounts must activate by 31 December 2018.

Any qualified bonus will be paid in the month following receipt of payment for the first year service.

Should the customer cancel service within three months of acceptance by Cloud Technology Solutions, compensation paid as incentive payments will be assessed and a charge-back applied.


To qualify for the incentive, the Partner must be an active / signed partner.

The incentive is only open to new opportunities generated.

The Qualifying Period is November 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018.

Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd reserve the right to withdraw this incentive at any time.

Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd has final decision making authority in determining whether the pipeline or new wins meet the criteria to qualify for the incentive.

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