CloudM in 2018

As we start to settle into 2019, we take a look back into what 2018 had in store for CloudM. We’ve had some great improvements within the products, expansion on the team (and floor!), and had a complete new rebrand! You can find out about some of our highlights below...


Moved up to floor 11

After months of planning, our tremendous growth meant that the team finally made the move into the 11th floor. It’s safe to say, everyone loves the space and is a nice addition to the 10th floor.


James Smith moves to CloudManager as Technology Evangelist Manager

With a deep understanding and experience with IT and cloud solutions, James has joined the CloudM team to help enable businesses to efficiently manage and monitor their entire G Suite domain long term with CloudManager, as well as supporting our partner network with product training, sales readiness activities and solution design and planning.


Added Consumer Gmail as a source platform

CloudMigrator added a new addition of Consumer Gmail as a source platform, supporting all migrations on that platform.


CloudM Launches Global Cloud Software Suite

We were excited to announce the launch of our new suite of global cloud software products.CloudM brings together robust solutions for both Google and Microsoft cloud applications offering customers an all-encompassing migration and management proposition.


The launch of our world leading management software, CloudManager

CloudManager (previously CloudPages) is our new and improved G Suite management tool. As part of the new CloudM family of software products, you’ll benefit from all the functionality you had with CloudPages, plus much more.


Hannah Cassidy appointed CloudM Sales Manager

Hannah has been helping businesses migrate to the cloud for over four years. With outstanding knowledge on migrations and cloud solutions, she is one of the key points of contact for our customers throughout their journey to the cloud. Now appointed Sales Manager, Hannah will help and support the team to ensure businesses seamlessly migrate to the cloud and efficiently manage their entire domain.

File Environment Scan - powerful scanning feature

File Environment Scan allows you to discover what data you have and what needs to be migrated. It generates a report, accurately estimating your migration's duration and flagging any potential limitations or issues before your migration even begins, meaning you can work to find a solution before you start a project, ensuring it stays on track and is delivered on time.


CloudMigrator joined forces with Virtru to offer the most secure way to move to the cloud

By joining forces, the CloudMigrator + Virtru solution offers end-to-end email and file encryption before, during and after cloud migration and is intended for those organisations that must satisfy strict compliance and privacy regulations for their data.


Hosted Exchange Platforms

CloudMigrator has pre-populated configurations that allow you to select from 20 of the most popular Hosted Exchange providers such as Rack Space, 1&1 and Go Daddy, and the Exchange URL and authentication method is automatically set for you - so all you need to do is simply enter the admin credentials and you’re connected.


CloudMigrator Go User Limit

The expansion of CloudMigrator Go to support up to 2500 users was a really exciting time for us here at CloudM. Our customers and partners have really embraced CloudMigrator Go since its launch last year, and going forward they will now have the option to use it for larger mid-market deals.


Automate more of your Office 365 migration with Platform Configuration and Provisioning

We released our new Platform Configuration and Provisioning feature so you can automate even more of your migration with ease.

Partner Bootcamp

We held a three-day Partner Bootcamp so we could get all of our partners in one place so we could get to know them better, discuss product ideas, gain feedback, run through what the product roadmap will look like over the next year(s) and have a good time!


CloudM extends its dedicated customer support

We announced that we are extending our support hours in November to better service any tricky migrations or issues you may have. Making it easier and more convenient for you to get in touch with our experts when you need us most; our extended support means shorter resolution times, fewer hold ups and smoother migrations to get your customers into the cloud quicker.

December and so on…

We have a lot in store for CloudM in 2019. As always, we have many improvements on the way - both big and small. We look forward to building on our success in 2019!

Other updates over the year include:

Real time estimation and reporting
People API
Launch Partner Portal
And more!

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