CloudM launches CloudManager for Microsoft

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of our market-leading software solution, CloudManager for Microsoft.

Now available for Office 365, CloudManager is admin made easy. Developed by our in-house engineers and experts, the software comes with over 100 powerful features, all designed to help organizations of every size to unlock the promise of your domain.

Our CloudManager product is currently used by more than 400 organisations with over 1 million users worldwide and allows users to manage and monitor their Microsoft Office 365 domain. CloudManager for Microsoft empowers users across both enterprise and smaller organizations; from automating complex admin tasks for IT administrators and managers, enabling seamless collaboration for end users.

This announcement follows the news that CloudM’s migration product, CloudMigrator, Pro Office 365 is now available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

CloudManager harnesses the migration technology of integrates with sister product CloudMigrator, meaning businesses can consolidate their administration and migration needs under one product offering, streamlining the process of data management and providing more efficient management of Office 365 licensing.

At CloudM, we’re passionate about helping organizations realise their full potential by making full use of cloud technology. It’s important for us to offer our robust solutions for all cloud applications.

Gary Bennion, Chief Product Officer at CloudM, said: “We are always looking for ways to improve the process of managing data across a range of cloud platforms. Allowing companies to save time and money by enabling easy user lifecycle management and domain monitoring.

“Launching CloudManager to the Microsoft market is a key development in achieving this goal and gives us the opportunity to reach a diverse range of exciting organisations that could really benefit from this technology.

“CloudM has successfully migrated more than 9 million users from 81 countries to the cloud, and it is this experience that has allowed us to innovate and combine our offering to streamline the migration and data management process.

“This feels like a natural development for the organisation following the announcement that we have also launched our CloudMigrator product in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace Pro offering to Microsoft platforms; offering the unique opportunity to integrate the two technology systems.

“We’re looking forward to establishing a strong base in the Microsoft space, and continuing to expand our product offering in this market.”

Save time, reduce cost, improve accuracy, and centralize your organizational policies with our extensive features and automated tools using CloudManager for Microsoft.

To find out more about CloudManager for Microsoft and how to manage your domain and users as effectively as possible, speak to our cloud team today on +44 (0)161 871 0330 or visit

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