CloudManager for Microsoft - all of the new features you need to know about…

At CloudM, we are always looking for ways to help our customers and partners improve their administration. With that in mind, we are excited to introduce several new CloudManager for Microsoft features which will help you save even more time and make your admin and workforce more efficient.

Not only do we have some brand new features that launched on the platform yesterday, but we have also made further improvements to a few current favourites that will enable you to manage your domain more efficiently than ever. Here’s a round-up of our new features that you need to know about:

Adoption data insights

Gain greater usage insights to encourage the adoption of your Office 365 products, such as Teams and Sharepoint.
  • Adoption data in domain insights

    CloudManager for Microsoft has improved its insights into your domain so you can see just how much your users are really using Microsoft Office 365. Within the insights page you can now view active users and see their usage with our new added data counts from a file perspective across Exchange, OneDrive, Skype, Teams, and Sharepoint.

Domain insights will help you to identify users that are actively using Office 365 products within your domain and add users to groups enabling you to bulk email, whilst keeping track of their usage. Not only do you have easy access to a wealth of detail you can investigate, this new feature update also allows you to set up alerts for users whose storage limits in their drive or mailbox are in good (or not so good) health.

Make admin easier

Make admin tasks even easier with new advanced search fields, and new SmartTeams features that allow you to create a MS Teams team or a shared calendar automatically via CloudManager.
  • Enabling team from a smart team

    CloudManager for Microsoft now allows you to create a MS Teams team based on a SmartTeam in CloudManager, rather than creating smart teams, then going into MS groups to create them. This feature also enables you to create teams in bulk - this could be when users switch teams or utilised to archive users, making your management even easier.
  • Create a calendar when creating a Smart Team

    When adding a new SmartTeam, you are now able to create a calendar at the point of creation to allow everyone in the team to work more efficiently and collaboratively.
  • Microsoft specific search fields

    CloudManager now provides a quick and easy way to reduce the records in a list and display only those records that contain the data that you are interested in seeing. To enable this,the following fields can now be searched for using the advanced search functionality; License Type, Usage Location and Office Location.

Improved deprovisioning

Save further on license costs and secure your business during the deprovisioning process by automatically converting a user to a shared mailbox, unassigning their Office 365 license and removing the login tokens associated with that account.
  • Deprovision to a shared mailbox

    This is a new feature in CloudManager for Microsoft which allows you to automatically convert a user to a shared mailbox during the deprovisioning process so you can save on your license costs whilst simplifying your admin tasks.
  • Unassign licenses during deprovisioning

    A new step has been added to the deprovisioning policy which can be used to explicitly remove a users Office 365 license.
  • Remove login tokens during deprovisioning

    A new step has been added to the deprovisioning policy which can be used to explicitly remove a users login tokens associated with their account.

Transform how you manage and monitor your domain with our market-leading software solution, CloudManager. Save time, reduce cost, improve accuracy, and centralize your organizational policies with our extensive features and automated tools.

For more information on the release and to see the various small improvements, please see the full release notes here.

To find out more, speak to our CloudM team on +44 (0)161 871 0330 or visit

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