CloudManager Product Release: 02.20 - Authentication and Notification Updates

1. Modern Authentication for Microsoft Exchange Online

    • Microsoft are in the process of deprecating the Basic Authentication method that has historically been used to authorize CloudManager to access the tenant’s Exchange Online service, due to vulnerabilities in the process.

      We have added a new Multi-Factor authentication method (Modern Authentication) that we advise Microsoft Exchange Online admins to configure in place of the Basic Authentication method.

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    2. Role Templates

    • We have added role templates that add predefined permissions to a new or existing role, depending on the action or actions that you want the role to provide (e.g. Email Signature Manager, Contacts Manager etc.)

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    3. Share Multiple Documents

    • You can now select multiple documents when specifying which documents can be shared within a Smart Team.

      Previously, you could only select one document at a time.

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    4. Push notifications from G Suite

    • You can now enable CloudManager to monitor your G Suite domain for any user profile changes, and sync those changes immediately.

      Previously, you would need to wait for a Global Sync (scheduled for every 48 hours) before any changes would be updated in CloudManger.

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    5. Remove “Send as” email addresses

    • You now have the ability to remove any secondary email address associated with a user as a “Send as” email address.

      The default email address (associated to the user profile) cannot be removed.

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