CloudManager Release Notes 0.9.480

Here's what's new in the latest release of CloudManager

  • Email deprovisioning: Updated the email step within the deprovisioning policy to provide full capability to migrate the selected deprovisioned user’s email to the destination account selected.
  • Deprovisioning Dashboard: Review the completed, in progress and scheduled deprovisions with the new management dashboard. Customers reported it practically impossible to get a ‘summary’ view of the organisations’ deprovisioning - so we fixed that for you! Find it under the new Menu: Monitor or User Lifecycle Management section.
  • Privacy Policy: We have revised and released a Privacy Policy for CloudPages as part of our GDPR review to help ensure it’s clear to all our customers what and how we manage your data.
  • New User Interface & Menu: We strive to provide a great user experience. Feedback and design reviews here have led us to improvements throughout the product for UI design and Menu Structure. We have not removed any features (only adding them!) but they may not be in the menu location you are used to. You can find further help on where to find your favorites if you need it - see the knowledge base article here).

What else have we improved in this release?

  • User Deprovisioning: Alert on deprovisioned account if manager suspended or delegated
  • User Deprovisioning: Improved URL links within email notifications
  • User Profile: Adding the Google Locations Array attributes to user profile configuration options
  • User Deprovision: General improvements to performance and error reporting
  • Improvements to the synchronisation of profile configuration changes
  • Small bug fixes applied

Recent updates you may have missed

Deprovisioning remains a core product feature with further improvements to customisation of the process and it’s reporting to enhance the user experience.

Deprovisioning Policy: Configure the Subject Heading for emails sent as part of the Deprovisioning process. The following Email Notifications can now be configured for your organisation from within the Deprovisioning Policy:

  • Transferred Resources
  • Completed Deprovision
  • Failed Deprovision
  • Request Approval
  • Prompt for Resource Allocation

Deprovisioning Policy: Control what an Executor can Override when prompted to select resource [user] for the following data:

  • Documents
  • Sites
  • Calendars
  • Groups
  • Contacts

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