CloudM Automate

Save time and money by automating your core business processes with bespoke workflows and dynamic user groups. With a wealth of customisable workflow steps and a dynamic grouping system that allow you to automate many manual, time consuming tasks such as onboarding and offboarding, CloudM Automate enables your teams to focus on more important tasks.

Save time by automating manual onboarding and offboarding tasks

Onboarding and offboarding workflows with dynamic enrollment and over 30 customizable automated steps. Set and forget. Once workflows are set up they’ll automatically run in the background, saving you time and ensuring compliance.

Stay secure by avoiding human errors

Offboarding workflows that ensure leavers from your organization no longer have access to sensitive data or systems. Increase your compliance and security posture by implementing “zero trust” policies for all leavers.

Save money by controlling license sprawl

Offboarding workflows that revoke license allocation. Save on license costs by removing or reallocating unwanted licenses.

Connect other CloudM modules to automate your data management

Add CloudM Archive as an offboarding step to move leavers’ data into GCP. Save costs while remaining compliant and reducing your archive user licenses.

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