Unify your company’s email sign-offs, look professional and provide all the pertinent information you need to give, with our Email Signature Management module. Read more about our Email Signature management tool.

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Easily configure for desktop & mobile

Be confident that your signature design works on any device of any size. Drag and drop the same signature, or create multiple versions for different groups.

No need to route through a 3rd party

Simplify the process and avoid the need to route your custom signatures through a 3rd party server.

Delegate role based access controls

Provide flexibility to key stakeholders and reduce demand on your IT team, by delegating the power to edit and assign signatures to individual users or departments.

Signatures assigned automatically

Once signatures have been configured for each department, team or project, CloudM's Smart Teams automatically assign them for any joiners, movers or leavers.

Schedule email campaigns

Our tool allows you to combine your email signature with scheduling, allowing different campaigns to automatically start whenever you want.

Pick from your template library

Create and save unlimited templates to your gallery, to be used across individuals, teams, departments and projects.

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