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Saying goodbye to coworkers is never pleasant, but CloudM makes it easier for everyone

Offboarding bookends an employee’s time at your company. It’s important that it’s done right, saving you time and keeping you secure, all without relying on manual processes.

CloudM’s automated offboarding gives employers ultimate control over the process. From revoking all passwords and permissions, to legally purging of personal information, we take the hassle and burden out of the process and automate it for you.

How CloudM offboarding helps

CloudM offboarding gives you the means to seamlessly part ways with an employee while keeping your license count and costs under control. Passwords are automatically changed along with the ownership of Docs, Sites, Calendars and Groups. Emails are migrated, user accounts deleted, and everything happens using automated offboarding workflows. Keeping licencing costs down couldn’t be easier. Unassigning licences once an employee leaves is an automatic step in the process, meaning you’re still not paying for something you don’t have to.

But just because an employee is gone, doesn’t mean they are forgotten! Our archiving tool allows you to take all of their information, including emails, chats and calendars, and store it safely for as long as you like, all at a fraction of the cost of a traditional back-up system.

It couldn’t be easier, for both you and your employees.

Why offboarding is important

It’s not enough to give employees a strong start and then leave them to it. The offboarding process is still a part of their experience with your brand, and a bad offboarding experience can leave a sour taste in the mouth.

Ex-employees are either advocates or antagonists for your company. If someone has nothing but good things to say about you, that can lead to more people wanting to work for you or even more clients. Someone with an axe to grind can damage your reputation in the long term.

Either way, word travels fast. Revoking access to former employees is a commonsense measure, but one that is often overlooked in the grand scheme of things. Our advanced offboarding workflow not only removes users from the system, but allows you to archive data into secure indexed storage, so if you ever need it again, it’s there and easy to find - but only for you. Keep your offboarding simple and help protect your company, your staff, and your reputation by using CloudM.

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Partner Success Stories: SADA's Innovative Use of CloudM's API allows for a more hands-on approach to migrations. Read More
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