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Growing your business means bringing on new staff members. CloudM makes it all so easy

Both employers and employees want new staff to hit the ground running. That’s why it pays to get your onboarding right.

You want an automated onboarding process that’s easy to use for both parties, simple to understand for beginners, and allows new starts to get stuck in from day one. We can help. Our effortless onboarding workflows automate the addition of users, taking care of everything from email signatures to file permissions.

Make onboarding easier for your new team member

CloudM’s automated onboarding helps new employees integrate seamlessly with the rest of the company.

It sets out what to expect, helping them understand their new position and job requirements.

Emails, signatures and calendars are automatically set up as well as access to everything a new team member needs.

From company policy and culture training, to team introductions and job benefits, everything is laid out from the start, making their first day as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

Make onboarding easier for your organisation

Our platform allows HR to introduce new recruits to everyone in the company, automatically assign them to their Associated Smart Team, and even draft their offboarding policy for the future.

Access to what your new staff member needs is given automatically, but different departments or security levels are restricted.

As an employer, you want your employees to feel confident, competent and productive from the moment they start. Onboarding is an essential part of that.

It is a wise investment to provide all new employees with a thorough, efficient, and consistent introduction to their new organisation.

A good start at a new company reduces employee turnover, boosts morale and confidence, and leads to higher productivity.

Make life easier for both you and your staff with CloudM.

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