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Visualize your digital workplace and manage multiple licenses at a glance.

Productivity in the digital workplace comes from a time-saving toolkit of software, but using them all independently is counter-productive. That’s why we’re integrating them into CloudM, giving you instant access to the features that make your business run like clockwork. Save money, time, and licenses by connecting all of your products in one single platform. And unlock the real potential of your digital workplace.

Save Time

Automate your processes through onboarding/offboarding workflows, and smart teams for dynamic user groups and actions.

Save Money

Save money: Integrate multiple apps and manage your licenses in one place to stay on top of costs.

CloudM’s connection to Slack allows you to automatically deactivate a users Slack account during offboarding. Once Slack has been integrated, you will be able to see and apply the Revoke Application User’s Accounts step to your Offboarding Policies. When a user is offboarded, CloudM will communicate with Slack and deactivate their user account. The account is still active but the user cannot sign in.

CloudM’s connection to Dropbox allows you to delete or suspend Dropbox user accounts as part of an offboarding workflow, and delete content from the user's devices. When a user is offboarded, CloudM will communicate with Dropbox by providing the email address of the user. If Dropbox can find the email address, it will automatically delete or suspend the user account.

How it works

We use a variety of interfaces to give you inbound, outbound, and two-way connections to your apps. This means more control over your security and data, whilst keeping the ease-of-use and automation that helps your business run like clockwork.


One-way information subscription for custom
updates and alerts.

Used for: Integrations with software like Slack and Dropbox to revoke user access to apps if they have been offboarded within CloudM. No need to head to individual apps and revoke manually.


Custom-made solutions to interface and
fully control external applications.

Used for: Anything you need. Utilise our flexible API to directly create in, upload to, or download from, the software and apps you know and love. No need to learn a new system.

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