Visualize your digital workplace and act on insights

Powerful monitoring and reporting to continually improve adoption of your productivity suite

Every organization is different. You will face different levels of enthusiasm when ushering in a new programme, project, or way of working. Actionable Insights allow you to spot trends and usage across your business, and make changes where necessary to ensure that everybody is using your productivity suite correctly, safely, and regularly.

Stay informed about your domain with actionable insights

Streamline data security with actionable insights

Monitor your domain

Stay informed about your domain

Monitor your adoption rates and security with tailored reports, clear visual representations, and easy at-a-glance overviews.

From regular tracking to keep your company on course, to deep dives in order to highlight challenges, CloudM can deliver the insight you need.

Streamline Data Security

Boost your compliance and governance and make auditing an easy 1-2-3 process, by monitoring and managing all of your user data in one place.

See extensive activity logs within the platform, including password changes, searches, logins, and much more.

Monitor your domain

Visualize your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace domain in one easy place, including external contacts, OUs, teams, users, and accounts.

Apply a range of dynamic filters to view your data through, and oversee your users, teams, or departments over a period of up to 6 months.

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