Onboarding New Users & Offboarding Leavers

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Seamless onboarding, offboarding, and everything in between

CloudM gives you ultimate control over onboarding and offboarding. You can seamlessly manage your starters, leavers and movers with our help.

Use simple but powerful workflows to automate the addition and removal of users to increase productivity and improve data security. Configure once to benefit from automation for complex Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace administration tasks such as onboarding and offboarding, and user and policy settings. With an extensive list of actions to choose from, you can tailor CloudM to your business needs quickly and easily, protecting your organization while it grows.

Automated Onboarding Process

We understand that when new staff join your business it’s essential that they're able to be productive from the moment they start.

Step 1User Creation

Step 2

Assign User to Associated Smart Teams
Step 3

Access granted to Files, Emails, Calendars and Contacts

Step 4Email Signature Automatically Created

Step 5

Offboarding Policy Assigned
Step 6Hardware Assigned

Automated Offboarding Process

Seamlessly and securely offboard deprovisioned users whilst keeping your license count and costs under control using automated offboarding workflows.

Step 1Change Password and Revoke 2-Step Verification
Step 2Revoke OAuth Token & Delegate Access
Step 3Hide and Rename User
Step 4Transfer Ownership of Docs, Sites, Calendars & Groups
Step 5Transfer Contacts and Remove from Groups
Step 6Migrate Emails
Step 7Suspend and Delete User

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