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Reduce the strain on your IT teams and improve efficiency across the business

Avoiding IT bottlenecks is a difficult challenge for any IT team, especially when processes are held up on tasks which could be streamlined or automated with the right systems. Integrating a self-service IT system, where users can troubleshoot and solve their own issues, will save time and money across multiple departments.

Empower your people to tackle their challenges with self-serve IT

Automated tasks

Delegation of administration

Uncompromised security

Automated Tasks

With self-serve IT from CloudM, you can design and implement automated workflows to handle the most common IT support requests: login issues, password resets, access rights, etc.

Delegation of Administration

Entrust basic administration and sign-off to relevant teams, like email signatures to the Marketing team, freeing up your senior IT teams to work on the tough stuff.

Uncompromised Security

Security won't be an issue with self-serve IT. You can manage access rights and roles with Smart Teams, and revoke with the touch of a button. Choose your delegation strategically and maintain a high level of security.

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