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Making IT work for your business

Automate administration will make your people more productive

Managing users, data, and domains can be time-consuming and complex. CloudM plugs the gaps that are not offered natively within your productivity suite, making these administration tasks easy, giving you a better experience and saving your IT admins time. By automating administration, you can work smarter, not harder. Group people by department, team, or project, and apply changes across the board.

Ensure productivity by automating administration

Onboard your new starters faster and smarter - giving them access to all the files, folders and systems they need to hit the ground running. Assign smart teams, configure email signatures, appoint an offboarding policy and allocate hardware, all from one place.

Banish IT bottlenecks

Democratize the administration of your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace users and data, allowing IT departments to become enablers, not gatekeepers. Design and implement automated workflows to handle the most common IT support requests, and entrust basic administration and sign-off to relevant teams.

Streamline data security by automating administration

Simplify governance and compliance by managing all of your users and data from one place - for more streamlined monitoring and auditing. Manage access rights and roles with Smart Teams, and revoke with the touch of a button to maintain a high level of security.

Discover a smarter contact directory

CloudM allows your staff to add their skills, knowledge, qualifications, interests and experience, so your entire organization can quickly find and connect with each other. So, whether you need a German-speaking customer service operative or a supplier based in Timbuktu, you'll be able to find them in an instant with CloudM.

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