Migration deployment options to suit your business

Choose the deployment option that suits your needs and your timeframe

Cloud migrations are complex, always-changing, and unique to every organization. You need the flexibility and control to tackle your project in the way that suits you best. This is why we have multiple migration deployment options to suit businesses of every shape, size, and situation.

From self-install for maximum customization, to no-install for less complex migrations, to a fully expert-managed installation by our team - we have you covered.

CloudM's Migration Deployment Options

CloudM Migrate SaaS

Designed with smaller and less complex migrations in mind. Hosted enables you to take charge of your own Microsoft 365 migration in just 5 simple steps, requiring less technical knowledge.

CloudM Migrate Self-Hosted

Ideal for larger, more complex migrations, simply download and set up CloudM in your own environment and use either our desktop or browser based interface to complete your migration.

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