Migrate with CloudM (Self-Hosted)

The downloadable version of CloudM, ideal for large and complex migrations.

25.35  petabytes

migrated with CloudM

83  countries

using CloudM across the globe

209  billion items

migrated and managed

Ideal for larger, more complex migrations, simply download and setup CloudM in your own environment and use either our desktop or browser based interface to complete your migration. Whether completing a migration for your customers or handling your own migration, CloudM is highly configurable, allowing you to complete the most complex and demanding migrations with ease. Once set up in your environment, CloudM can securely migrate your files, email, contacts, calendars and tasks to your chosen destination, be it G Suite or Office 365.


Using either our desktop or web interface, CloudM easily completes even the most complex of migrations.


With a highly configurable setup, spin up a multitude of virtual machines to complete your migration in no time.


With over 50 million migrations to the cloud completed, data integrity is guaranteed and there’s zero downtime to users.

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