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Migrate your email, contacts, calendars and files from enterprise sources to Google Workspace

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The downloadable version of CloudM, Migrate (Self-Hosted) is ideal for large and complex migrations. Easily migrate your email, contacts, calendars and files from enterprise sources to Google Workspace.

Whether handling your own migration or a migration for your customers, CloudM Migrate (Self-Hosted) is highly configurable, allowing you to complete the most complex and demanding migrations with ease. Using our web interface, you can spin up a multitude of virtual machines to complete your self-hosted migration to Google Workspace in no time. Once set up in your environment, Migrate (Self-Hosted) can securely migrate your mailboxes, files, mailbox archives and enterprise archives to Google Workspace.

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Flexible migration options

We have a range of migration products and services designed to make your migration seamless.


The downloadable version of CloudM. Ideal for large and complex migrations. Setup the product and use our desktop or browser-based interface to complete your migration.

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The SaaS version of CloudM. With no set-up required and needing less technical knowledge to run, this is the ideal solution for less complex migrations.

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Serviced Migrations

Migrations can be complicated so let our migration experts do all the hard work and take the pain out of your move to the cloud.

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