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One of the biggest threats to your organization’s security is human error and accidents. It only takes a misplaced click or an easily-guessed password to put your data at risk. The CloudM platform comes with powerful protection features, from user permission management and role-based access to intelligent policy management and detailed reporting and analysis. CloudM will help keep on top of compliance and security by providing you with your data, permissions, and policies, in a single pane of glass.

Take control of your data and protect your organization

Data Archiving

Tackle the challenge of retaining old user data. CloudM's data archiving solution helps busy IT teams automate archiving processes through robust management and data storage.

Comply with regulations, answer information requests, easily deal with conflicts and disputes and be confident your data is safe and secure.

Role-based access

Quickly and easily group sets of permissions together and apply them to specific users, allowing you to control who has access to specific features in the platform.

As well as customizable roles, CloudM also provides role templates, such as Email Signature Manager and Security Manager, making it even easier to ensure that your users have all the permissions they need to complete their tasks.

Control ‘permissions creep’

Apply rules to groups (such as Organizational Units or Smart Teams) so that employees are dynamically assigned all of their permissions, and movers or leavers have theirs revoked automatically.

Not only does this help to reduce permissions creep, it also allows your new team members to hit the ground running, without needing to ask for their permissions to be enabled.

Policy management

Protect your domain by setting a series of security policies aimed at ensuring only valid users have access to the CloudM platform.

Take advantage of password policies designed to ensure strong password creation and login attempt rules, and user login controls that limit access based on time or geographical location and prevent brute-force attacks.

Detailed Reporting

Easily see information like how many users have logged on from an unfamiliar location, or how many users you have scheduled for offboarding.

Extensive logs catalogue a range of processes completed on the platform including logins, failed logins, profile updates, password updates, password recoveries, searches, offboarding processes and contact share offers.

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