Automate and intelligently manage policies for maximum protection

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Control password strength, limit logins by place and time, and much more

CloudM provides seamless security policy management for businesses.

Secure your data against external threats by setting and managing security policies designed to ensure that only your users have access to your domain.

Prevent unwanted access to your domain

The easiest way to get into a locked room is to have the key. Stop unwanted access by ensuring that you have a secure password policy, requiring your users to create stronger passwords, protecting recovery, and limiting login attempts.

You can also double lock access by requiring a user to also provide manual verification using a personal contact method - known as 2 Factor Authentication (2FA).

Limit login by time and geography

If it’s not normal for a user to login outside of business hours or from a potentially dangerous country, CloudM gives you the ability to block access to the domain - even with a valid password.

Smart Policy Management

By utilizing Organizational Units and Smart Teams, you can explicitly set your policies for a particular group of users, assigned and enabled automatically.

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