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Keep your platform healthy & protected using our extensive reporting

CloudM provides you with a wide range of reporting features, whether you are migrating or managing your domain, so you have all the information that you need to protect your platform at your fingertips.

Quickly spot trends that could trip you up in the future, get notified about errors and statuses currently affecting your platform, and delve into in-depth audit logs to troubleshoot tricky issues.

Real Time Notifications

Whether it’s being notified about issues affecting your domain, or the status of your migration, it’s always good to be kept up to date.

Quickly be informed, via email, about crucial developments on your platform so you can quickly react, either to rectify an issue or start the next phase of a process.

Every action catalogued

Whenever an action takes place in your platform, it is catalogued in an exhaustive Audit Log so you know exactly what has happened, when it happened and who initiated it.

Being able to follow a “breadcrumb” of actions is essential in troubleshooting current issues and spotting potential problems.

Insights and Statistics

The CloudM platform displays a wide range of information on screen that will help you to view the overall health of your domain, the progress of a project or workflow, or get a quick overview of adoption and activity.

Tips for improvement are also provided so you can view and rectify issues before they become a problem, helping you to secure and protect your domain.

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