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The most time-consuming admin tasks just got easier. Simplify your processes to make you more effective and efficient.

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Secure and simple controls

Managing a domain is complex. From individual user management to wider permission sets, it’s vital to keep your business secure while users remain productive.

With the help of CloudM, IT admins can find simple solutions to their management tasks from a single pane of glass, all while giving your users a great experience.

Discover the range of actions you can perform with CloudM, saving you time and allowing you to focus on the important things.

Manage every user

User administration can be a time-consuming task, but the ability to make granular changes to every user within your domain is a vital one. CloudM allows you to take control of your users through manual updates, bulk edits or our dynamic smart teams.

Take action from a single pane of glass with CloudM, including the ability to reset passwords, delegate access to mail and calendars whenever it's needed and edit user profiles, details or organizational units.

Make sure you are capturing key information for your staff by setting mandatory fields, enabling you to ensure accuracy and consistency of the data across your organization. Plus, exclusively for G Suite, CloudM Manage offers SSO, making secure logins easy for every user.

Empowered IT administrators

Manage your domains from a single pane of glass no matter your set up. CloudM allows both single and multiple domain management in the cloud, and can integrate directly with your on-premise directory application for further connectivity.

Stay on top of your users with the ability to view the activity, product adoption and data storage for each individual, while detailed logs are collected for simple administrative reviews.

If an an error or issue requires your attention, you can enable notifications directly from CloudM, allowing you to react quickly and efficiently.

Tailor CloudM to your needs

Fully customize CloudM Manage to mirror your company branding, including adding your own colors, logos and user interface preferences for a consistent user experience across your IT estate and truly integrate it in your systems.

Plus, delegate administration for the ultimate efficiency. Create custom roles to perform a sub-set of CloudM Manage functions on your Office 365 or G Suite domain. Assign to users as required to effectively manage your domain across different teams and roles.

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A one-stop-shop for IT admins. From detailed monitoring to people directories and email signature management, we make managing single or multiple domains simple.

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