User Lifecycle Management

Automate your user management to ensure joiners, movers and leavers are treated efficiently and securely. Save time, secure your business and increase productivity with more effective user management for Office 365 and G Suite.

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Manage your joiners, movers and leavers effectively

Every business has a continuous cycle of joiners, movers and leavers, and managing that lifecycle can often be time-consuming and prone to human error, putting the security and productivity of organizations at risk.

CloudM offers powerful user management tools that harness the power of automation to protect, secure and empower your business, ensuring you get the most out of the cloud.From the elimination of repetitive tasks, the reduction of access creep and improved data compliance, CloudM can help keep your business moving for all of your users without additional time or security concerns.

Eliminate repetitive tasks

Administration permissions

File and folder access

Calendar access

Email signatures

CloudM’s automation tools improve the efficiency of your processes to save valuable IT admin time, allowing you to focus on the tasks that really matter. Automate the provision and management of user accounts, providing each starter or mover with everything they need to succeed from day one.

With capabilities not available natively in Office 365 or G Suite admin consoles, including CloudM’s dynamic grouping of users, allocate access and permissions in an instant and eliminate unnecessary manual work.

Prevent license creep

Move data securely to nominated accounts

Revoke access from leavers

Remove Office 365 or G Suite license

Control your Office 365 or G Suite licenses with tailored, automated workflows to suit your business. Track your leavers and movers to trigger offboarding actions, allowing you to free up licenses and remove them efficiently and safely, saving you money.

Use CloudM Migrate in conjunction with CloudM Manage to migrate data to Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure; keeping licence costs to a minimum and avoiding a build up of expensive archive user licences.

Improve data compliance

Remove historic data access

Monitor retention rules

Reduce human error

Avoid permission creep and ensure that the right people have the right data at the right time, all at the click of a button, with our powerful workflows and dynamic user groups.

Nominate and monitor your retention rules, user access and administration permissions easily, allowing you to stay compliant and secure. Plus, feel the true benefits of automation with reduced human error and near instant action once workflows have been triggered.

Better user management benefits everyone

IT admins



CloudM enables IT admins, managers and end users to more efficiently perform day-to-day tasks, powering your productivity with quick, simple and secure workflows and processes. Reduce the administrative workload on all employees by removing manual intervention for data access, keeping your business moving forward and focusing on the more important things.

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CloudM Manage lets you work smarter to save time. Set up workflows for permissions, policies and processes for your Office 365 or G Suite with our in-depth onboarding and offboarding actions and dynamic Smart Teams - all from one place.

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