Migrate to and from cloud storage

Reduce spend by easily migrating archive licenses to and from Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure.

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Migrate emails and files from archived licenses to Google Cloud Storage or Microsoft Azure for instant cost savings.
CloudM Migrate has been used to perform over 50 million migrations across 83 countries worldwide. Safely and securely migrate to storage.

Why migrate to cloud storage using CloudM?

Control license costs and protect your data by using CloudM Migrate to move data to cloud storage. CloudM allows you to migrate user data from VFE, EOA or archived licenses to Google Cloud Storage (GCS) and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud storage acts as a more cost effective solution for storing data and maintaining data protection and compliance. The data maintains its structure and can be migrated back to a live account when needed. CloudM offer a free restoration licence with every migrate to storage licence purchased (valid for 12 months).


Migrate your bulk of archived users to cloud storage with CloudM and maintain data structure for both instant and long term savings


Use the CloudM Managed Migrations team or our hosted or self-hosted platform solutions to perform your migration to cloud storage


Data is maintained and managed by the customer and can be recalled back to an Office 365 or G Suite user account using CloudM

Control license costs and protect data by migrating to cloud storage

Avoid unnecessary expenditure by controlling license costs and keeping the integrity of your data. Avoid losing any audit details when restoring data and eliminate the need to delete any data prematurely. With archived licenses typically costing tens of dollars per user, per year, storing data would now only cost pennies per user, per year with cloud storage.

Long Term Savings with CloudM Manage

As well as instant cost saving using CloudM Migrate, CloudM can also help control license costs in the long term by deploying CloudM Manage to automate your deprovisioning process.

CloudM Manage allows IT Admins to configure custom workflows for joiners, movers and leavers. These workflows can be designed to automatically run an offboarding procedure for any deprovisioned users. Admins can then remove or reuse their regular G Suite or Office 365 license immediately, saving busy IT teams time as they no longer have to manually run the deprovisioning process, while also saving costs by avoiding a build up of old users. Find out more about CloudM's deprovisioning features here.

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Over 50 million migrations. In 83 countries. Across the globe.
Some of the world's biggest brands use CloudM to unlock the potential of cloud productivity.


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