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Working at CloudM

I'm Ryan, I've worked at CloudM since mid-March or as some people might know it as the start of the lockdown.

I'm a Customer Success Manager within the newly formed CSU. I am responsible for getting our customers the most out of CloudM Manage, their journey with the product, their questions and queries and of course their renewals.

My background is varied. I have been working in Customer Success' for a little over 4 years now.

The way we work and the people

I love my team!

I am so grateful and thankful to have joined such a great Unit.

My colleague is young, bright and ambitious and wants to learn which is great news.

My Manager is one of the best I’ve had. He is very relaxed but keeps us focused. He shares the vision of the company and the goals and includes us in the bigger picture. He harvests the best from us and lets us come up with ideas and new ways of working. He listens and acts if it’s needed. Working under him is so refreshing.

As a Team, we talk regularly about the direction we are taking and make sure we focus our attention on the areas that need it. We don’t have one point of view, it’s very much a collaborative discussion.We meet every morning.

Even when working from home we keep our stand-ups and our regular check-ins. It really boosts morale to check-in in the morning and gets an idea of what people's day/week is looking like. We get the chance to do a verbal mind-map about what we have planned and get others' input.

The environment is very much agile working, which is something I’ve been exposed to in the latter part of my career but at CloudM they do it properly! We have space and freedom to collaborate and the best part about CloudM is the culture of working autonomously.

Opportunities and Learning

I’ve had a lot of opportunities to learn more.

Constantly asking if I can shadow calls and collaborate with other teams.

The LMS is amazing. I’ve not had that level of training courses and the ability to better my knowledge in previous jobs - and - from Day 1. You can tell that CloudM wants everyone to be the best version of themselves and to achieve this they put the resources and time in to develop and grow.

New ideas are very much taken on board. I feel part of the wider picture. I feel valued and wanted and appreciated because my ideas are being listened to.

I have a great forum to express my thoughts and although I’ve not been here long a lot of what I’ve suggested as been taken on board.

The other thing is, with my team, if you feel like you should do X or put in this system to help you with Y there are no questions as long as we aim for and work towards the end goal.

I’ve learnt a huge amount so far, mainly about the cloud-based business of managing IT processes remotely and automatically. But, on a personal level, I’ve learnt a new level of confidence. Starting here has been a breath of fresh air and I’ve learnt to be confident with my ideas, confident in just trying and not being afraid to ask.

Ryan Noakes, Customer Success Manager

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