Offboarding is now even easier and more secure thanks to our new feature


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Offboarding is now even easier and more secure thanks to our new feature

Offboarding is an important, but often overlooked, part of employee management.

Companies tend to focus more on onboarding, and understandably so. Getting new starts to hit the ground running is better for everyone, but what about people leaving?

Whether an employee is leaving voluntarily or not, offboarding can be a delicate process. The more automated that process is, the easier it is for both parties.

CloudM Manage has always made it easy to onboard and offboard, but now our latest feature brings an extra level of security and convenience to the process.

Why offboarding is important

While it’s never easy to lose an employee, a positive goodbye leaves a good lasting impression for everyone.

Unfortunately, a negative goodbye also leaves its mark.

Word travels fast, and an employee with an axe to grind can damage your reputation.

There are also logistical issues that need to be addressed when someone leaves a company, from password changes to email forwarding.

It’s a surprisingly complicated process, one which is eased considerably by an automated workflow.

How CloudM Manage helps with offboarding

Our platform allows you to part ways with an employee smoothly, while automatically handling all the minutiae of offboarding.

Passwords are automatically changed along with the ownership of Docs, Sites, Calendars and Groups.

Emails are migrated, user accounts deleted, and you keep your license count and costs under control.

On top of that, our new Archive tool retains all user information, including emails, chats and calendars, and stores it safely for as long as you like, all at a fraction of the cost of often bloated e-discovery systems.

Our new offboarding feature

Our latest feature gives IT managers even more control of the process.

Not everyone uses desktops these days, and even traditional laptops are giving way to tablets and Chromebooks.

Now our new feature gives administrators the ability to remotely wipe user accounts from Chrome devices as part of the offboarding workflow.

Revoking access to former employees is a commonsense measure, but one that is often overlooked in the grand scheme of things.

Disgruntled former employees are thought to be the biggest reason for data breaches, usually because their access was never restricted.

As more and more companies move to the cloud, those systems can be accessed from anywhere, making IT restrictions an essential part of the offboarding process.e.

CloudM Manage

The answer to all of this, is, of course, to simply use our platform.

The CloudM Manage advanced offboarding workflow not only removes users from the system, but allows you to archive data into secure indexed storage, so if you ever need it again, it’s there and easy to find - but only for you.

This new feature gives your IT team the capacity to wipe any Chrome device, strengthening your security and minimising the risk of data breaches.

Keep your offboarding simple and help protect your company, your staff, and your reputation by using CloudM.

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