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The more you automate your office, the more time you have to focus on real work.

CloudM Manage takes the small, yet essential things every company has to do and sets them on autopilot, allowing you to concentrate on the bigger picture

Free up your IT team

If there’s one thing that annoys your IT department, it’s having to take time out of their day to turn someone’s computer off and on again.

An IT department should be about growing, developing and improving the service for end users. The last thing they need is to be bogged down with admin tasks that everyone should be able to do.

Free them from the small jobs and let them get on with the big one; growing your business.

There are several ways in which our platform can help you automate your office, saving time, stress and money.

Onboarding and Offboarding

CloudM Manage takes the hassle out of onboarding and makes everything as easy as possible for joiners and movers.

For anyone joining the company, one click of a button is all it takes to have them hit the ground running.

Our effortless onboarding workflows automate the addition of users, taking care of everything from email signatures, to file permissions, to shared calendar access..

And offboarding is just as easy.

When you part ways with an employee, emails are migrated, user accounts deleted, and passwords are changed along with the ownership of Docs, Sites, Calendars and Groups.

And it’s all done automatically.

SaaS Management

Most online businesses have at least several SaaS applications working in the background.

From Dropbox to Slack to Bamboo HR, all these applications can be automated with CloudM Manage.

The entire point of SaaS applications is to save time and make things easier, that’s why we’ve put them all into one place.

If someone in your organisation leaves or moves, then our platform allows you to suspend or delete their accounts across the board, saving your IT team the bother of having to go into each individual account and do it manually.

To use Bamboo HR for example, a user’s profile will automatically sync with their CloudM profile, and thus automatically update email signatures and offboarding procedures.

Email Signature Management

Any recently promoted or hired employee needs to update their email signature, but instead of hassling the IT department with a ticket, what if it was all done automatically?

Our Role permissions means we can give the right people the right access to our platform. A great example is our email signature management feature. IT teams may want their marketing team to manage this area; they can delegate control to email signature only whilst still securing the rest of the companies data and processes.

The feature is simple to configure, works across desktop and mobile and integrates with CloudM Smart Teams to automatically allocate signatures for joiners, movers and leavers, and doesn't require emails to be routed through a 3rd party vendor.

It’s just another way we can give your people the tools they need to get the job done themselves without taking up the IT teams valuable time.

Dynamic user groups

Our dynamic user groups feature is the instrument behind our automation innovation.

Dynamic user groups let you create custom structures for users, enabling you to group people by department, team or even project.

This provides a centralised method for administering and automating permissions, processes and policies.

Basically, everyone fits into a group, and each group has its own settings, allowing you to simply click a button and everything’s taken care of.

The CloudM platform allows you to automate your office by putting Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 at the heart of your organisation.Our cloud management solution is a one-stop-shop for IT admins, allowing you to automate onboarding and offboarding, manage email signatures and set up automated workflows.Permissions, policies and processes are all taken care of with a click of a button, and with a simple to use interface, anyone can handle the small things without bothering the IT department.Streamline your business with CloudM Manage, the award-winning platform that gives you the ability to automate your office, saving you time, stress and money.Contact us today for a free trial and discover for yourself just how valuable office automation can be.

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