The Cloud Thinking Podcast

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Hosted by CloudM Business Development Manager - Steve Hannon

Embracing the Cloud has many advantages for businesses. Not only will you save time, and save money you'll also work more efficiently and securely. So with Digital transformation being the hot topic of 2021 we thought it was only right we share our expertise with you when it comes to The Digital Workplace. After all, we know it inside out!

Join our very own Steve Hannon, CloudM experts, partners and customers for a chat about what's happening in the industry and the latest tech innovations. If you're passionate about tech, you'll love it.

In the latest edition of Cloud Thinking, Gary Bennion, our esteemed MD, is in discussion with the friend and CEO of SheetGO, Yannick Rault. Much like CloudM, SheetGO is an ambitious voice in the tech scene, innovating and inventing industry-leading tools, features and more. Gary and Yannick discuss the changing perspective of being a hungry startup to a business that leads the conversation. Let’s find out how SheetGO went from being a tech startup to a prominent voice in the tech industry.

Kelly Wright, Director of Google Workspace at SADA joins Steve Hannon in our next Cloud Thinking episode. Kelly (who we call the migration queen) has worked with us since Day 1 of our partnership and has recently moved into an exciting new role heading up everything 'Google Workspace' (previously their Head of Engineering), so we had to make sure we carved some time out to chat to her! We discuss everything from the ever-evolving landscape of the Digital Workplace, how Google Workspace has changed and adapted to business needs over the years, and of course, we touch on the CloudM platform and the direct benefits it's had for SADA's customers. You won't want to miss this one.

Join Daniel Ackers, Sales Director at CloudM as he delves into the state of the Digital Workplace as we move into the post-pandemic world. He talks about his experience working with large organizations and what he's learned from their business needs when it comes to the Cloud and SaaS. You'll also hear a little bit about how the CloudM platform works with these businesses to help them save time and money.

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