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The ultimate peace of mind when it comes to the integrity of your files and email.

Easily manage data compliance and governance from one place.

The cloud is the future of technology, with expectations for always-on, collaborative workspaces becoming standard for all kinds of organizations. Security is at the bedrock of this innovation, but often isn’t given the priority it deserves. Using the best tools and having the right processes in place are still core to making security a success, whether in the on-premise or cloud world, allowing you to protect your business from any harm.

How can CloudM give you a more secure future?

Avoid permission creep

With our dynamic Smart Teams, ensuring that every employee has access to what they need to do their jobs - and only that. When permissions are updated manually per request, movers across a company can form a security risk, as they gain access to more and more data. However, with CloudM’s data controls you can trust that any staff movements involve the automatic removal of permissions as well as the granting of new ones.

Make your leavers process secure

And avoid lingering data access once an account has been flagged for removal with our automated deprovisioning workflows, tailored to your needs. Every step of the offboarding process is available in a clear checklist, allowing you to enable or disable any stage at any time. Once these workflows are established they will run automatically when given their trigger points, meaning that you can avoid human error in your leavers process. With automation like this, you can be safe in the knowledge that former users are deprovisioned with their access removed, while their business-critical data has been migrated to delegated users before removal.

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