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“I would recommend CloudM for many reasons. Their project management skills, it’s a good, easy-to-understand tool, and they created good visibility. I think everything was wrapped up in those three points.” – Adeel Sarwar Alvi

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The Company

The more users, the bigger and more complicated the migration. This project is the perfect example, consolidating over 20 different domains into one, bringing along thousands of users in the process.

Founded in 2006, is the first and largest property portal in Pakistan and is among the top five property portals in the world. Their parent company is EMPG (Emerging Markets Property Group), who own 10 leading brands in 16 countries, employing over 6,000 people.

The Project

Throughout the EMPG empire, IT admins were using their own, separate Google Workspace platforms.

Zameen was the biggest oragnisation in terms of numbers of users within one workspace.

The plan was to migrate everyone over to one domain, and as Zameen was the largest, it would become the only site, and thus would be the main destination platform. This consolidation will make day to day management and communication easier, even though people will be in different sub-domains, it would all fall under one umbrella.

The move would also be a huge cost-saving endeavour, as each user would only need one license to operate across the board, whereas previously one person working in different domains would need separate licenses.

The Process

The project happened in two migrations, involving 6218 licenses in total.

The project kicked off with formalised lines of communication. Adeel Sarwar Alvi in Pakistan from Zameen and Chris Crockton, Project Delivery Manager from CloudM worked closely together to great effect.

As Adeel says, “The communication was not just enough, it was more than enough. With Chris, communication, the follow-up, the planning, what to do, what not to do, who was responsible for what… it was all perfect.”

The Result

From 22 domains down to one.

The result was a simpler, easier to manage system that allowed faster communication, smoother collaboration, and greater licensing freedoms, minimising duplication.

CloudM’s Google-to-Google migration was the perfect tool for this job. If they moved from Google to Microsoft they would have lost all their user permissions resulting in a costly disaster.


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