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Get User Lifecycle Management and so much more with CloudM

Why stop with User Lifecycle Management. Automate your IT administration using CloudM.

Whilst the features of CloudM's User Lifecycle Management tools are comparable to those of Bettercloud, why stop there when it comes to automating your IT administration. Enable your IT teams to become more productive by using CloudM to manage email signatures, automate the joiners, movers and leavers process, set up smart teams for centralized management and configure custom workflows for automated onboarding and offboarding policies. Everything you need to manage your domain efficiently. IT admin just got a whole lot easier with CloudM.

Key Features

An Honest Comparison Of Our User Lifecycle Management Features

CloudM ManageBetterCloud
Free Trial Available
Delegate Access
Delegate User's Mailbox
Delegate User's Calendar
Delegate User Files
Active Delegation Reports
Offboard Users
Set Account End Date
Add Account Executor
Hide User From Directory
Change Password
Clear Sign-in Cookies
Set Up Automatic Reply
Delegate Mailbox Automatically
Transfer Drive & Calender
Transfer Mail
Rename User & Assign Alias
Transfer Group Ownership
Suspend User
Delete User
User Management
Update User Passwords
Force Password Change on Sign On
Bulk Change Profile Information
Integration With Google
Scheduled Sync to G Suite
Turn on Immediate G Suite to 3rd Party Sync
IMAP/POP3 Policy
Multi Language Support
Bulk Add Gmail Labels
Set Up Automatic forwarding to Internal Addresses
Set Up Automatic Forwarding to External Addresses
Password Policy
Configure Password Policy Based on OU or Group
Google Groups
Google Group Creation & Management
Smart Groups - Dynamic Update Group Membership
User Contact Sharing
Smart Contacts - Dynamically Update Contact Label
Drive Sharing Reports
User Management
Update User Password
Force Password Change on Sign In
Bulk Change Profile Information
Role Based Access
Create Custom Admin Roles
Roles Based Access
Role Based Access for OU's and Groups
Free Support Available
Online & Phone Support
Knowledge Base & Video Tutorials
Published SLA

Training Certifications

Access Control
Single Sign On
Login Policy
Login Controls
Multi-Factor Authentication
Role Based Access
Staff / Contact Directory
Custom Branding
3rd Party Apps Management
G Suite Support
Office 365 Support

CloudM Offers So Much More To Help Manage Your Productivity Suite

CloudM ManageBetterCloud
Email Signature Management
Easily Configure for Desktop & Mobile
No Need to Route Through a 3rd Party
Delegate Role Based Access Control

Signatures Assigned Automatically

Smart Teams

Create Custom Structures for Office 365 and G Suite
Group People by Team, Department or Project
Apply Dynamic Automation From a Centralised Platform
Updates User Signatures, Files, Folders, Calendars and Access Using Smart Teams
People Directory
Contact Search for Colleagues, Customers & Suppliers
Add Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications & Experience
Keep Office 365 & G Suite Profiles Up to Date

More CloudM Manage Features

CloudM Smart Teams

Group people by department, team or even project and apply dynamic automation from a centralized platform.

Global Contact Directory

Promote workplace collaboration with our powerful people finder to better connect with your stakeholders.

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Contact our team to find out more about our user lifecycle management features and to discover our automation tools to supercharge your IT administration.

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