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Google workspace backup and recovery

Minimise data loss and ensure business continuity by restoring data quickly and easily in the event of a cyber attack or data loss. Reduce costs and avoid vendor lock-in by hosting backups in your own infrastructure.

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Why backup Google Workspace? 

Necessary protection of your organisation’s data lies with you, not Google.

Google’s default data protection does not protect your organisation against human error, malicious actions, ransomware and hackers, and it does not provide backups beyond 30 days. Google Vault isn’t designed to be a backup or archive tool either, as stated in the Google Vault FAQs.  Google recommends the use of a third-party backup and recovery 


Improve your organization's data resilience by protecting against accidental or malicious data deletion. Minimize data loss with industry-leading data sync. CloudM Backup backs up your data in customizable intervals of up to 20 minutes and only syncs new and updated files, making it faster, more reliable and less resource-intensive than other solutions.


Ensure business continuity by restoring data quickly and easily in the event of a cyber attack or data loss. En masse or granular restoration options enable you to restore any version of your data from any point in time, ensuring your organization is up and running again as quickly as possible.

“Backup combines everything that CloudM does brilliantly – migration and automation – into a product that will help a lot of organizations easily combat the consequences of data loss.”

Paul Young
Head of Collab & Comms Digital Solutions

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Take control of your data by hosting backups in your own infrastructure

Reduce costs and avoid vendor lock-in by backing up your data in your organization’s AWS or GCP storage buckets.



Reduce manual work to a minimum by automating the assignment of data backup and retention policies

Let your team focus on more important tasks while reducing the risk of mistakes by automating data retention and backup policies.



Granular version control and restoration

You can quickly restore any version of your files that you have stored, including as a bulk “point in time” restoration and as a single file download. That way restoring your data at a user, team or organizational level is quick and easy when the pressure is on



Industry leading data sync and frequent backups

We utilize a unique data sync that only takes a backup of files and emails that are new or updated. New backups will start 20 minutes for Gmail and 1 hour for Drive after the last backup migration has completed, keeping your backup more up to date than other providers.



Automatically assigned policies

Backup and retention policies are automatically assigned as a user is enrolled in dynamic groups, allowing you to add bespoke and flexible policies for different teams. This guarantees that the right data is backed up for each individual user and deleted when applicable, keeping you 100% compliant and your storage costs down.





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