CloudM today announced its new partner program that delivers rewards and benefits for bringing customers onto CloudM. Partners earn points and rewards for onboarding new customers, and get exclusive access to training, promotional material, and industry expertise. 

It’s a true partnership – supported by digital resources and human expertise. Partners get access to CloudM technical experts, a dedicated account manager, and invites to  CloudM briefings and forums where they can hear the latest updates and share their experience.

An extension of CloudM

Partnerships are a commitment from both sides and we don’t take that lightly – every time a partner chooses us, their business and customers benefit.

There are four membership tiers –  Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum – and partners increase their status by earning points. With every tier, the rewards and benefits for partners and their customers increase. The more customers using CloudM products, the more points partners earn.

"This isn't just a partner program by name"

"This isn’t just a partner program by name, we want our partners to feel like CloudM is an extension of their team; where we collaborate to help you serve your customers and get the most out of CloudM products." Donna Torres, Managing Director of CloudM.

Benefits and rewards for partners and their customers

All CloudM partners get access to technical enablement and learning, support and consulting from our dedicated experts, and marketing resources and tools. 

But the more points earned, the higher the partnership status. And the higher the status, the more benefits and rewards for partners and their customers. Including: 

Expertise on demand

Partners have a dedicated account manager, access to expert staff, and a technical architect to share new opportunities and solutions.

Learning tools and resources

Help to support partners and their customers to thrive with CloudM, including online product training, marketing toolkit, and invites to briefings and forums

Marketing and sales perks

Support including co-marketing opportunities, a full marketing toolkit, and special promotions and discounts.

Product-specific certifications

Boost product-specific knowledge with certifications for Automate, Migrate, Archive, Backup, and Email Signatures.

A note on certifications

CloudM certifications allow partners to build product-specific knowledge and improve or expand on their services. For every certification completed, partners get branded badges and certificates to use on their social media or website. 

Note: certifications are a partner-exclusive.

How the points system works 

CloudM partners earn points based on the number of licenses they purchase for CloudM products, the exact number of points is determined by the products purchased. 

For a full breakdown of the points system and tier thresholds, read our partnership guide. 

CloudM partners can do more with our products, and more for their customers. Reach out to your account manager to learn about the program, or click the link below.

Learn more about the CloudM partner program

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