CloudM Partner Program

Discover how you can earn points and receive rewards through the CloudM Partner Program

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How The CloudM Partner Program Works

The CloudM partner program rewards you for bringing business to CloudM. Whether it is introducing new customers or expanding existing opportunities, the more you spend the more points you will earn.

Once a partner receives a set number of points their partner status level increases. Each partner starts off at the ‘Bronze Partner’ status, and once they accumulate 75 points or more they reach ‘Silver Partner’ status. There are more status levels a partner can reach, and each level opens up more rewards and benefits.

CloudM Partner logos and product certification badges

Receive exclusive benefits such as:

Access to discounts

A dedicated account manager

Marketing and learning resources

Partner program points explained

  • You will receive points based on spend (example: for every £50 spent on CloudM Backup you will receive 2 points)
  • The CloudM Partner Program has 4 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum
  • The next tier unlocks once you have reached a specific number of points

If you’re signed up to the CloudM Partner Program, you can earn partner points for bringing customers onto CloudM. These points add up to become a CloudM partner status level. Each status level comes with its own benefits and rewards for your business.

You can earn points by:

  • The number of customers you bring onto CloudM’s SaaS modules
  • How many CloudM Migrate licences you purchase
  • Here are the exact points you can earn for each product

See the exact points you can earn for each product:

CloudM moduleNumber of points you will gain
CloudM Migrate 1 point for every £50 spent*
CloudM Backup2 points for every £50 spent*
CloudM Archive2 points for every £50 spent*
CloudM Email Signatures2 points for every £50 spent*
CloudM Automate2 points for every £50 spent*

*Or local currency equivalent based on exchange rate at the time of the order

CloudM product certifications

Why you should get certified

CloudM product-specific certifications are exclusively for you, our partners. Certification enables you to demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of CloudM products to your customers. 

A CloudM certification will: 

  • Increase your proficiency with CloudM products to improve the services you offer.
  • Get recognition for your expertise from customers. 
  • Be able to promote your business with our official CloudM certification badges on your business’s marketing materials and social media profiles. 

CloudM certifications cover:

  1. Migrate
  2. Backup
  3. Archive
  4. Email Signatures
  5. Automate

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