Migrate from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

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Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Migrations

Migrate email, contacts, calendars and files from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365. CloudM has performed over 77 million migrations across 107 countries worldwide. We can help you migrate to Microsoft 365.

Workloads migrated by CloudM Migrate

Mail Migrations from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365

Seamlessly move emails and attachments from Gmail to Outlook. CloudM enables you to migrate contacts and calendars while maintaining any previously configured tasks, reminders or recurrences.

File migrations from Google Drive to One Drive

Migrate your Google Drive and Shared Drive files directly into Microsoft 365. Find your files and folders, including folder hierarchies and any access control lists you may have in place, fully replicated in OneDrive for Business.

Archive migrations from Google Vault to Online Archives

Migrate your Google Vault data straight into Microsoft 365. Migrate your archived emails directly to another archive or mailbox without any manual exports. Move everything you need using search terms and data ranges.

CloudM Migrate Key Features

  • Free pre-migration scan

  • Built in reporting

  • Migration scheduling

  • High speed migrations

  • 20+ source platforms supported

  • Flexible migration options

  • pre-migration environment scan by CloudM

    Unique environment scan, performing analysis of your source environment and reporting key statistics such as item counts, data volume, permissions and folder depth.

  • Build in reporting for migrations by CloudM

    Access in depth audit, migration trace and migration service logs to help quickly diagnose issues and errors. Remotely connect to secondary servers directly from CloudM to quickly resolve errors.

  • Migration scheduling by CloudM

    Use Powershell scripts to control access and automate processes, making it easy to quickly change configurations.

  • High speed migrations by CloudM

    Speed up your migrations by using multiple servers with CloudM. Adding more secondary servers allows more item threads to be migrated simultaneously.

  • Over 15 source platforms for migrations to Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 by CloudM

    Covering emails, calendars, files and archives, the CloudM migration tool moves data from over 15 different source platforms.

  • Multiple migration options by CloudM

    Choose from the SaaS version of CloudM, or download a self-hosted version to maintain the data in your own environment.

Getting Started

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