The Company

Blackboat Internet GmbH are the digital consultancy and tech partner for the future workplace. Their clients work with them to drive their business performance by leveraging cloud collaboration tools such as G Suite or Microsoft Office 365, ‘new work’ methods, remote work, workplace design and everything that helps to digitalize their operations.

“We believe that 'new work' is a self-determined and fulfilling way of working that blurs the lines between work and life. This trend is fueled by the current digital transformation and by technology that enables us to free ourselves from location or time to get stuff done.”

- Blackboat

As a CloudM Partner since 2016, CloudM took a few moments to chat to Michael Babietz, Cloud Advisor & Deployment Specialist at Blackboat, to tell them what it’s been like using CloudM Migrate for their projects and why the product stood out from the rest.


​ The Projects

Blackboat pride themselves in helping all kinds of businesses make work and collaboration a much more mobile affair. Helping users transition to the cloud is an excellent way to do this and CloudM Migrate has been the perfect product to aid them in delivering this outcome to their customers.

The projects themselves are varied, ranging anywhere from 5 users to 300 and data sizes from 50GB to 2TB. CloudM Migrate was chosen to tackle these projects due to its ease of use, ability to work on multiple platforms, optimization for migrating larger user numbers and the competitive pricing.


The Process

Blackboat enjoy the day-to-day process of using CloudM Migrate. Not only is CloudM Migrate easy to use, but the structure of each migration within the product helps them to see what items are being migrated and when, ensuring that they always know exactly where each migration is up to.

Being a CloudM partner, Blackboat have access to the talented and highly dedicated CloudM account management team. For previous projects, Michael at Blackboat was teamed up with CloudM Account Manager, Nicole. He described her as helpful, approachable and always available when called upon. These dynamic working relationships between CloudM and Blackboat were essential for delivering success.


The Results

“CloudM Migrate is still the gold standard when it comes to cloud migrations in our opinion.”

- Michael Babietz, Cloud Advisor & Deployment Specialist at Blackboat

Blackboat continue to use CloudM Migrate again and again to help them achieve their business goals and look forward to continuing their relationship with CloudM.

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