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NIS2 compliant backup and disaster recovery

Ensure NIS2 compliance and backup and restore your Google Workspace data with CloudM Backup.

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What is NIS2?

The EU Parliament’s NIS2 Directive includes a crystal-clear requirement for backup and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity and effective incident response. 

NIS2 will take effect in 2024, with member states required to implement it into national law by October. Affected organizations must comply by then to avoid penalties.

Find out who has to comply and the key requirements. 

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Essential NIS2 compliance requirements

Secure backups and in-depth reporting

A critical component of NIS2 is the mandate for secure backups and comprehensive reporting, essential for quick recovery from cyber incidents and maintaining business continuity.

Disaster recovery & crisis management

Disaster recovery and crisis management are crucial in NIS2. Organizations must have robust plans to swiftly restore data after cyber-attacks, human error, natural disasters, or system failures to minimize downtime and financial loss.


Companies must regularly inspect and analyze backup systems, logs, and reports to ensure compliance and operational effectiveness, verifying data integrity and availability.

Non compliance with NIS2 can lead to substantial fines

€10 million

Essential entities face fines of up to €10 million or 2% of global annual revenue.

€7 million

Important entities face fines of up to €7 million or 1.4% of global annual revenue

What our customers say...

"Backup combines everything that CloudM does brilliantly into a product that will help a lot of organizations easily combat the consequences of data loss.” Paul Young Head of Collab & Comms Digital Solutions Holcim

Ensure you are NIS2 compliant with CloudM Backup

Industry leading data sync and frequent backups

We utilize a unique data sync that only takes a backup of files and emails that are new or updated. We backup emails every 20 minutes and drives every hour - keeping your backup more up to date than other providers.

Granular version control and restoration

Restore any version of your files in bulk or choose multiple files or folders. Restoring your data at a user, team or organizational level is easy and precise when you need to act fast.

Own your data

Backups are hosted in your own infrastructure, giving you full control of your data and avoiding vendor lock-in.

Dynamic user groups

Bespoke retention policies for dynamic groups ensure compliance with data regulations.

Automated retention policies

Backup and retention policies can be automated to reduce the requirement for manual intervention and increase productivity.

Security at the core

Your data security is our priority. CloudM is ISO 27001 certified and follow the latest NCSC Cloud Security Principles. We apply full end-to-end encryption (AES-256) and secure coding practices among other data security measures.

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