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Smart Start Terms

CloudM Smart Starts Terms

1. CloudM Smart Starts

1.1 CloudM Smart Starts are tailored, concentrated sessions with a CloudM Specialist for the time specified, to give you the resources, knowledge and confidence to use CloudM and any or all of our five modules; Migrate, Automate, Email Signature, Backup or Archive.

1.2 CloudM Smart Starts are provided in blocks of time which can be purchased in three different ways, subject to a minimum initial purchase of 4 hours:

  • 4 hours / ½ day, split as follows: 3.5 hrs meeting time + 0.5 hrs preparation/organisation;
  • 8 hours / 1 day, split as follows: 7 hrs meeting time + 1 hr preparation/organisation; or
  • 16 hours / 2 days, split as follows: 14 hrs meeting time + 2 hrs preparation/organisation.

1.3 Should you require additional time, you may either purchase an additional time block as detailed above, or order by the hour. 

1.4 CloudM Smart Starts packages detailed at 1.2 each include an initial free 15 minutes discovery call. 

1.5 CloudM Smart Starts are designed to help you set up and manage the CloudM Modules – as such addressing specific technical issues is out of scope and should be addressed to the Global Product Support Team who will assist in line with their standard SLAs.

2. Performance of the Smart Starts

2.1 We will provide the Smart Starts with all reasonable care and skills, in accordance with good industry practice, using adequately skilled and experienced personnel.

2.2 The schedule for delivery of the Smart Starts will be agreed with you, however as a guide we require one week’s lead time from the date of order for all Smart Start packages (exceptions may be made at the Customer Success Team manager’s discretion). 

2.3 We will agree the times and dates of the Smart Start meetings with you. Any schedule or timetable for the delivery of the Smart Start package shall be indicative only and subject to change at CloudM’s discretion, save that we will use all reasonable efforts to meet the agreed timetable.

2.4 You must use the hours you have purchased as part of your Smart Start package within 6 months of the first scheduled meeting. 

2.5 Scheduled meetings which are cancelled with less than 24 hours prior notice will be subject to the meeting duration being deducted from the remaining contracted time.

2.6 Your assigned expert will be available for the duration of your Smart Start consultancy package.

2.7 All Smart Start consultancy meetings will take place within UK working hours (0900-1700 GMT), unless otherwise agreed.

2.8 Typical meeting duration will be between one and two hours depending on CloudM Specialist availability.

2.9 The assigned Customer Project Team will be available for the duration of the Smart Start consultancy package.

2.10 You will collaborate with us in the performance of the Smart Start and ensure that your personnel are suitably skilled and qualified, available at the agreed times, and in a position to implement any recommendation we make. 

3. Smart Starts Content

The below are examples only of what your Smart Start can be used for – your exact requirements will be identified in collaboration with your allocated CloudM Specialists as part of a free 15 minutes discovery call:

CloudM Migrate

  • Migration estimation and strategy
  • Migration infrastructure setup
  • Source and destination platform configuration and testing
  • Migration items list
  • General migration settings
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Test migration stage and review
  • Bulk/historical migration stage and review
  • Delta migration stage and review
  • Knowledgebase review and support options

CloudM Automate

  • Installation
  • Initial domain settings
  • Directory configuration
    • OUs & Users
    • Smart Teams
    • Groups
    • Bulk Export/Import to organise/add/edit/remove users
  • User Profile Fields
  • Onboarding & Offboarding
  • Smart Contacts
  • On-Premise and/or App Integrations

CloudM Email Signature

  • Create Email Signature(s)
  • Email Signature Library & Management
  • Using variables & custom tags
  • Conditional formatting
  • HTML assistance

CloudM Archive

  • GCP and/or Azure prerequisites and setup
  • Configuration of Archive
  • Testing archive and restore

CloudM Backup

  • GCP prerequisites and setup
  • Create/Edit Policies
  • Assign/Remote Policies