Archive Data To Google Cloud Platform

Instead of manually archiving user licenses, CloudM will archive your data to the cloud, with a cheaper, more efficient, and industry-first archiving technology.

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Automatically archive user data as part of your offboarding process, and maintain searchability in its archived state. Manually archive your data, for any reason, at any time.


Set retention policies to automatically purge data. This makes sure you aren’t paying to keep any data for longer than you’re legally obliged to, and up until that date it remains fully archived, fully accessible, and fully protected.


Archived data is never more than a click away. Restore mail and/or drive data for compliance with regulation, dealing with information requests, or solving conflict and disputes. No more what if’s.

Hear From Our Customers

“The time you get back from having a simple user interface you click into compared to our process of how we would restore things is night and day. It used to take a full afternoon to restore something and now it’s literally a few clicks.”

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Why Choose CloudM?

Simple, easy, fast

Find the person, email, or drive that you need in seconds. Access archived data through the CloudM platform and search multiple metadata fields at once.

Automated archival

Automatically move Documents, Mail, Calendars, Appointments, Address Books, Groups, Group Members, Contacts, Tasks and Notes from various sources to and from Google Cloud Storage as part of your offboarding workflow

Cost effective

Migrate user data from VFE, EOA or archived licenses to Google Cloud Storage, as a more cost effective solution for storing data and maintaining data protection and compliance.

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