Offboarding Made Simple

CloudM’s automated offboarding gives employers ultimate control over the process. From revoking all passwords and permissions, to legally purging of personal information, we take the hassle and burden out of the process and automate it for you.


Secure Your Accounts

Passwords are automatically changed and user accounts deleted

Migrate Important Data

Emails are migrated along with the ownership of Docs, Sites, Calendars and Groups.

Keep licencing costs down

Licences are unassigned when an employee leaves, saving you money.

Hear From Our Customers

“Google doesn’t have a nice way of offboarding people built into their product. CloudM’s offboarding workflow easily saves me 5 - 10 hours a week.”

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Why Choose CloudM?

Delegate Offboarding to HR

Admins can manage which features of the platform individuals or teams can use to delegate responsibilities without permission creep. Roles allow you to group a set of permissions together that will provide users with all the tools they need, without anything more.

Least Privilege Access

Assigning permissions to a specific Organizational Unit or Smart Team, allows those permissions to be automatically be removed from a user if they are moved out of the group.


Our technology heavily integrates with Google Workspace meaning you don’t have to log in to replicate IT administration actions. CloudM also integrates with your most popular office SaaS applications as part of the offboarding and process so licence loose ends are tied and costs won’t spiral.

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