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Create and manage your company's email signatures for Office 365 and G Suite.

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Remember the days when updating your organization’s email signatures meant hours and hours of hard and tedious work? Bulk signature management tools have long put an end to this, however why stop there?
CloudM's email signature management tools not only help maintain brand consistency across your entire organisation, but also offer IT teams the opportunity to increase security and automate email signatures throughout your organisations user lifecycle.
We've designed an email signature management solution that is simple to configure, works across desktop and mobile, integrates with CloudM Smart Teams to automatically allocate signatures for joiners, movers and leavers, and doesn't require emails to be routed through a 3rd party vendor.
Key Features

Easily configure for desktop and mobile

Use our editor to simply drag and drop the details you want included in each signature. Use the same signature or create multiple versions for different departments, teams and locations.

No need to route through a 3rd party

Most email signature providers require emails to be routed through their server to apply custom signatures, however there is no need for this using CloudM's powerful signature management solution.

Delegate role based access controls

The power to edit signatures can be delegated to a trusted user or department of your choice, in order to provide extra flexibility to key stakeholders, whilst reducing demand on the IT team.

Signatures assigned automatically

Once signatures have been configured for each department, team or project, CloudM's Smart Teams automatically assign email signatures for any joiners, movers or leavers.

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