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Cost effective data archiving with CloudM

Automated, safe, and secure solutions to all of your data archiving needs

One of the biggest challenges of the contemporary workplace is the retention of your offboarded user data.

As data, GDPR, and HIPAA compliance becomes increasingly more and more of a serious priority for legislators and businesses, it’s never been more crucial to have an advanced understanding and management of your old user data. Whether it’s a concern regarding information requests, conflicts, disputes, or general storage of any offboarded user data, your organization requires robust management and consideration.

If you want to have confidence that your data is safe, secure, but compliantly accessible (and having been processed in the correct legal timeframes), then look no further than CloudM’s industry-first feature, Archive. Instead of manually archiving user licenses, CloudM will archive your data to the cloud, with a cheaper, more efficient, and industry-first archiving technology.

With CloudM, using our cutting-edge automation, you can have your offboarded user data taken care of without the headache, and all stored in affordable, compliant, and accessible storage. It may seem like a pipe dream, but it’s not. Come say hello, and save money with Archive.

Archive. Retain. Restore.


Automatically archive user data as part of your offboarding process, and maintain searchability in its archived state. Manually archive your data, for any reason, at any time.


Set retention policies to automatically purge data. This makes sure you aren’t paying to keep any data for longer than you’re legally obliged to, and up until that date it remains fully archived, fully accessible, and fully protected.


Archived data is never more than a click away. Restore mail and/or drive data for compliance with regulation, dealing with information requests, or solving conflict and disputes. No more what if’s.

Simple, easy, fast

Find the person, email, or drive that you need in seconds. Access archived data through the CloudM platform and search multiple metadata fields at once.

Your data, your rules

All archived user data is moved to your own storage buckets so only you can access and restore your data when you need it.

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