No More Wasted Licences With Automated Archival

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Archive user data automatically as part of your offboarding workflow

By automating the archival of user data by including it as a step in your automated offboarding workflow, you can eliminate any chance of wasting licences on retired users.

By using CloudM's offboarding workflows in sync with it's automated archival, you can revoke user access, migrate emails and free up a licenses automatically, whilst being safe in the knowledge that your data will be kept secure, searchable and restorable whenever needed.

How it works

Step 1: Set up your own Cloud Storage

Create somewhere to store your archived data so that you have full control over it. CloudM doesn’t store any data, but gives you a simple way to view, delete or restore it to your live domain.

Step 2: Create and assign a role

Create and assign a custom role to view and use the Archive features in the CloudM Platform, exactly as you would for email signature management or managing users, giving you total control over which users can restore archived data or set a retention policy.

Step 3: Configure Archive in CloudM

The next step is to connect your newly created Cloud Storage to the CloudM Platform. It’s quick and easy, requiring only a few details about your storage bucket, and includes a connection test to ensure that everything has been configured correctly.

Step 4: Add Archive to your Offboarding Workflows

This is the exciting bit – automating the archiving of your user data as part of an offboarding workflow. Just add the step onto your existing policies, allowing you to decide which Organizational Units or Smart Teams archiving applies to. Then, offboard a user as normal.

InZone Industries

Thomas Erasmus, IT Manager

“You can easily forget you’re paying licenses of retired users, but CloudM irons out those problems. I really can't put into words how much this helps me! The product is really magnificent.”

Interested in CloudM's Archive capabilities? Request a demo with a member of our team.

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